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Blase Harris

Dr. Harris graduated from University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1978. He completed his internship at South Baltimore General Hospital now known as Harbor Hospital in Baltimore. He then completed his Psychiatry Residency Program with an emphasis on Cross Cultural Psychiatry and Consult Liaison work at John Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu, Hawai'i.

As an independent psychiatrist, his focus became intensive depth psychotherapy at multiple clinics across the country until he settled into full-time private practice on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Following publication of How To Get Your Lover Back, he began receiving calls from readers and decided to add telephone therapy to his full-time Psychiatric Practice. Over time calls expanded to include relationship work of all types as well as the full range of topics encompassed by Psychiatry such as depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, and personality and mood disorders.

His philosophy draws upon an integration -- rather than compartmentalization -- of medical, nutritional, and spiritual themes that in reality are always interwoven. Principles that apply to the whole person are used in the approach of each individual patient's unique situation to find balance and a core sense of peace even when confronted with the many challenges of a chaotic world.


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